Slides of the lectures held at the Course in Economic Geography (Prof. A. Vitale) – LLM in Sustainable Development, Faculty of Law – University of Milan 


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Ideas of liberty and intellectual isolation

Pubblicazione in inglese, da parte di Mises Canada, dell’intervento di Giovanni Birindelli alla conferenza Interlibertarians 2016 (Lugano, 20.11.2016):

Mises Canada

Glenn Greenwald and civil libertarians’ ‘double paradigm’ syndrome

GIOVANNI BIRINDELLI, 30.6.2015 Publication in English: Mises Canada:

Obama, Inequality and “the American Idea”


(Original publication: Movimento Libertario, L’Indipendenza)

At a recent political rally, President Barack Obama made yet another propaganda speech in favour of socialism and interventionism, arguing more or less explicitly:

  1. that inequalities of material position (and therefore of opportunity as well) are morally wrong, Continue reading

The luxury tax (English translation)


(original publication: Catallaxy Institute –  L’Indipendenza)

The City of Milan yesterday approved the new Italian property tax and varied the rate according to whether a real estate unit is considered to be a ‘luxury’ property or not.
In a totalitarian democracy, that is, in a political system such as our own in which there are no limits of principle to what the political majority can decide and therefore no limits on political power, this measure has provoked no outrage, just as progressive taxation does not.
But let us reflect for a moment, as though, merely for the sake of argument, Italy were governed by the rule of law, which – being an abstract principle, the result of a spontaneous process of cultural selection of uses and conventions (as the Italian language is, for example) – is a limit to arbitrary power, rather than an instrument of it.
Let us imagine two individuals: Claire and Paul. Continue reading