“Democracy” and Law are antitethical


Speech at the conference Interlibertarians 2013, Lugano (Switzerland) – Published by Interlibertarians, Movimento Libertario

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Free Market, Interventionism and Private Legislation (English translation)


(Original publication: Ludwig von Mises Italia)

1. The free market and interventionism are processes, not states

Fighting for the free market without simultaneously fighting for the philosophical idea of ​​law on which the free market is based, and therefore against the philosophical idea of the law that renders interventionism possible, is a largely useless effort. Continue reading

The Private Supply of Legislation (English translation)

(GIOVANNI BIRINDELLI, text of the speech at the Interlibertarians conference – Lugano (Switzerland), 24,25-11-2012)

Good evening. I wish to thank Interlibertarians for organizing this meeting. In particular, I wish to thank Franco Bertelli, Rivo Cortonesi, Leonardo Facco, Luca Fusari and Emanuela Gini.

“How can libertarians gather consensus to influence or change the existing institutions?” My answer is: “By putting the law back on the stage”. Continue reading